Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Victory Summer Love Ale

New tradition: it’s not officially summer until I’ve had a Summer Love Ale. Clean and refreshing but still flavorful enough to satisfy the discriminating beer drinker, Summer Love gets it hops and malts from Germany and the United States. Like a lot of summertime beers, it’s on the lighter side and really quenches the thirst. But with its noble hop character and lemony tang, it will not be confused for a Land Shark Lager. Its mildly bitter hop profile is perfectly balanced by light grainy malts and sweet notes of citrus. And the finish is crisp and dry – just like you’d expect from a good warm weather beer. Victory, maker of some of the finest ales and lagers in the world, is not afraid to brew a session beer. I’d say that this is Victory’s most sessionable beer. Enjoy one at your next pool party or cookout, or have a bottle while you're listening to the ball game tonight. Live it up: the summer will have come and gone before you know it.

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