Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stoudts Gold Lager

I’ve never really preferred blondes, but sometimes an exception has to be made. And it is coming up on spring! It’s time to start thinking about warm days and clean, thirst-quenching brews! Stoudts Gold Lager is pretty close to the best light-colored beer I’ve ever tasted. It’s absolutely phenomenal. A Munich style Helles lager with sweet malts and crisp hops, Stoudts Gold is a legendarily quaffable beer. I would recommend it to both the most discriminating beer snob I know and the Coors light drinker next door. It’s truly a beer for anyone who loves beer. And while a number of craft breweries like to offer up some kind of “better” version of corporate swill as a concession to the mainstream, that’s not what Stoudts Gold is. It’s A+ drinkability should not be confused for a lack of flavor or character. At Stoudts they take pride in their German heritage, and for sure their version of the Helles lager is in the classic style and of the highest quality. It’s clean and refreshing but not “watery”. And what balance! The malts blend biscuit/cracker notes with a fruity sweetness, and the floral hops cut straight through for a refreshing tinge of bitterness. This beer is great with German food - or any food for that matter! I will probably spend all spring and summer seeking out more craft-brewed “light” beers, and none of them will compare to this. It’s been years since I’ve purchased any beer by the case, but come spring I will indeed buy an entire case of Stoudts Gold. I could drink this stuff all day, any day.

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