Friday, May 27, 2011

Horse Piss Beer

Hey! It’s my first-ever Kentucky beer! With a name like Horse Piss Beer, it’s gotta be a gimmick, right? Well, yes and no. True enough, it’s nothing special and probably isn’t worth the micro-brew price. But given that Horse Piss is a charity-based venture, with a percentage of profits going to disabled jockeys and horse adoption programs, it seems wrong to knock it. If it is a gimmick, it’s at least a cool gimmick. The label is funny, and if you collect bottles you’ll want this one. And considering the beer is called Horse Piss, it’s not nearly as awful as you might expect! My wife picked this brand out while we were beer shopping in Fort Wayne last weekend, and as always her instincts were golden. I really like it when craft breweries, as a concession to the average beer drinker, come up with better versions of macros like Bud and Coors. And let’s face it: the typical paying customers at a Louisville race track aren’t interested in an IPA or a Belgian tripel. They just want a clean, watery lager to quench their thirst. And Horse Piss will do just that, minus the funky/corn adjunct aftertaste of your run-of-the-mill cheap beer. Light, grainy, and surprisingly malt forward, this beer is at least a small step up from a macro. Is it so much better than Bud as to merit the higher price? Not really. But come on! It’s for charity! Have a heart! I, for one, will be getting this again.

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