Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ayinger Oktober Fest-Marzen

It’s the prime time of the year for Oktoberfest lagers (a.k.a. Marzens). And if you’re going to drink a Marzen, it’s hard to beat the Germans. Maybe some of the top-rate American craft brewers deserve credit for delivering bold or "interesting" twists on the Oktoberfest style. But if you want a classic Oktoberfest, by all means turn to the always dependable Ayinger brewery. This is the stuff: smooth and malt-dominant, with a great blend of toasted and sweet caramel malts. Herbal tea-like hops blend in nicely but take a back seat to all those malts! Compared to lighter German lagers that can be quite strong, a good Marzen is an easy-drinking sort of beer. Smooth but flavorful, this is a definitive Marzen. Whether you’re washing down a plate of brats & kraut or just sitting on the front porch enjoying a crisp autumn evening, you cannot go wrong with this seasonal standard. A+!

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