Friday, October 21, 2011

Brooklyn Oktoberfest

Here’s the thing about Oktoberfest beers. I love ‘em. I’m a malt guy. I could drink Marzen-style lagers 365 days a year. But ultimately there’s not much you can say about them from a beer-blogging perspective. They’re not particularly interesting beers. It’s not creativity or boldness that makes a good Oktoberfest. Instead it’s about balance, subtlety, and careful adherence to brewing traditions going back hundreds of years. But is that really a bad thing? What’s wrong with a simple style of beer that’s done well and tastes great? Not a thing! There are a ton of American craft Marzens out there right now, and Brooklyn’s Oktoberfest is one of the very best I’ve had. It’s brewed “true to the original style, full-bodied and malty, with a bready aroma and light, brisk hop bitterness”. The use of Bavarian Heirloom Munich and Pilsner malts contributes to the classic Oktoberfest taste. And unlike some Americanized Marzens that do taste a little “thin” or “bland”, this one’s packed with flavor. The malty blend of caramel, toffee, bread, and nut notes is rich and delicious but in no way excessively sweet. The finishing hop twang is, as advertised, “brisk”, and lingers pleasantly on the taste buds. Nice chewy mouthfeel, too! Basically this could pass for a German Marzen, but it’ll taste fresher since it’s made in the States. If you like Oktoberfest beers, get this one for sure. If you don’t like Oktoberfest beers, give this one a shot. It may turn you to the dark side.

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