Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dark Horse Reserve Special Black Bier Ale

I’m a man who loves his black beers, and it doesn’t get much blacker than Dark Horse’s Reserve Special. I mean this stuff is really black. Brings to mind that old “Nat X” bit Chris Rock used to do ("Now get ready for a man so black, lightning bugs follow him in the daytime!"). In addition to being perhaps the blackest black beer out there, it’s also one of the best. It’s kind of like a stout, but it’s not. It’s kind of like a porter, but it’s not. What the hell is it? Who knows? But it’s freakin’ delicious! Heavy on malt, roast, and dark chocolate flavors, with supporting notes of molasses, coffee, charred wood, and burnt fruit, this is a bold and genuinely unique dark ale. If you’re like me and like dark beers in general, you’ll like this one too. But what’s cool is that it doesn’t taste like any other dark beer out there. The last thing this world needs is another Guinness clone. At 7.5 percent alcohol, it’s got a little more kick than your everyday stout. And it’s got a nice hoppy finish that balances out all those strong dark chocolate and coffee notes. The flavor is intense, yet at the same time crazy drinkable. All in all, another extraordinary beer from the makers of my beloved Dark Horse Raspberry Ale. And unlike some dark beers that only come out in the fall and winter, this one’s available year-round. Nice! Once you go black...

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